Who moved my cheese?

Corporate Responsibility, team and leadership development as consultant and trainer with business ranging from family firms through to international corporations was my focus of the last twenty years. Previously in my forty years of work I’ve worked in senior management in government and not-for-profits.

My focus is developing organisations and projects which are engaging people, promoting their active participation through effective stakeholder strategies.

My most recent workshops on: An Introduction to Corporate Responsibility first introduced twelve years ago in India and then throughout Europe and Motivating Employees through being a Responsible Business are now available only in request.

I now live in South India running Mysore Bed and Breakfast and mycycle guided tours set up by my wife Manjula and I. Details of what we do and our story can be found by following the links.

I still guide and support organisations and projects in their development, mainly in India and possibly in the UK. Contact me if you may have something of interest.

I’m on Stephen.Farrell@flourish.co.uk