Stephen Farrell

Stephen Farrell is the founder and Director of flourish training and consultancy pvt. Ltd.


Stephen has extensive management, consultancy and training experience in India and the UK in Government, Business and NGOs.

His role as trainer and facilitator is primarily about creating personal and organisational learning through experiential techniques.

This has included:

HRH the Princes of Wales’s Seeing is Believing visits of MNC executives to India,┬áto help them understand the strategic and practical benefits of developing a responsible business that engages with its communities.

Short interactive workshops open to a range of businesses designed and delivered on behalf of the Corporate Responsibilty Academy in London covering Responsible and Sustainable Business Practice and Employee Engagement through CSR.

Designing and delivering:

  • Leadership and team development programmes for a range of businesses including Oxford University Press and John Lewis Partnership.
  • European wide roadshow for TCS
  • Sustainability conference for MNCs in Mumbai
  • workshops for SMEs Bombay Chamber and British Business Group in Mumbai and Delhi.

Key Themes of his Programmes and presentations include:

  • Stakeholder engagement and strategy
  • Ethical and responsible business practice including CSR
  • Motivating and engaging employees
  • Team and leadership development
  • Managing diversity, equal opportunities
  • Measuring effectiveness

Techniques include:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Programmes
  • Experiential learning
  • Coaching