Who moved my cheese?

Corporate Responsibility, team and leadership development as consultant and trainer with business ranging from family firms through to international corporations was my focus of the last twenty years. Previously in my forty years of work I’ve worked in senior management in government and not-for-profits.

My focus is developing organisations and projects which are engaging people, promoting their active participation through effective stakeholder strategies.

My most recent workshops on: An Introduction to Corporate Responsibility first introduced twelve years ago in India and then throughout Europe and Motivating Employees through being a Responsible Business are now available only in request.

I now live in South India running Mysore Bed and Breakfast and mycycle guided tours set up by my wife Manjula and I. Details of what we do and our story can be found by following the links.

I still guide and support organisations and projects in their development, mainly in India and possibly in the UK. Contact me if you may have something of interest.

I’m on Stephen.Farrell@flourish.co.uk

Engaging Employees

Engaging Employees through a company’s Corporate Responsibility was the focus of one of Stephen’s recent workshops in London. For more details contact Stephen.Farrell@flourish.co.uk

A guardian article (see below and link) considers what motivates people through the example of a Michelin Chef. Stephen is no chef, nor Michelin standard but his decision eight years ago to develop a tourism business in South India, reflects that personal motivation to do what he can influence, and that he loves and believes in.

So how do we ceate this in our organisations and enable our colleagues to become their own master and find purpose. There are many paths but a critical one is an appropriate organisational culture that moves way beyond lip-service!

“Managers should pay attention to chef Sébastien. They might try to impose performance measures on their employees. They might dangle carrots in the hope of encouraging higher output. But people are not donkeys. They are wise to these crude tactics. Sensible employers have been rethinking their approach to managing performance, with firms such as Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, General Electric and PricewaterhouseCoopers all abandoning the traditional annual appraisal.

Carrots and sticks – or plain old intimidation – will not work, not in the long run. What the psychologist Frederick Herzberg called “kick in the ass” management can produce movement, but not motivation. As he explained in a famous Harvard Business Review article almost 50 years ago: “If I kick my dog (from the front or the back), he will move. And when I want him to move again what must I do? I must kick him again. Similarly, I can change a person’s battery, and then recharge it, and recharge it again. But it is only when one has a generator of one’s own that we can talk about motivation. One then needs no outside stimulation. One wants to do it.”

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